Men Walking War Torn Town Gold Coins in Foregrouhd
16 Apr

How Does War Affect the Price of Gold?

The relationship between war and gold prices is as complex as it is fascinating. Historically, gold has been perceived as a safe haven investment during times of geopolitical instability. Wars can lea ...

A mountain of worthless banknotes pile up, tumbling down in a chaotic mess, as people scramble to find something of value
12 Apr

Famous Currency Hyperinflations

Currency hyperinflation is an extreme form of inflation that occurs when a country experiences a rapid and uncontrollable increase in the general price level of goods and services in its economy. This ...

Silver coins stacked up on the desk,money growth
02 Apr

What is the Difference Between a Coin and a Round?

Investing in precious metals presents a range of options for those interested in tangible, durable, and historically significant assets. Coins and rounds represent two accessible forms of precious met ...

House on Fire with gold and silver inside
27 Mar

Will My Gold and Silver Melt in a House Fire?

When considering the safety of your valuable metals in extreme conditions, the question of whether gold and silver can withstand the heat of a house fire is of paramount importance. Typically, a hous ...

close up of 400oz gold bars in movies
25 Mar

How Much Do Gold Bars in Movies Weigh?

When watching heist movies or scenes of opulent wealth, gold bars often make a striking visual statement. These scenes typically include the Good Delivery bar, portrayed as sleek, heavy rectangles of ...

Global currencies drifting from US dollar. Dollar symbol sinking while other currency symbols rise. World map in background thumbnail
21 Mar

Is the World Moving Away from the US Dollar?

The status of the US dollar as the world's primary reserve currency has been a cornerstone of international finance for many decades. The position afforded the United States considerable economic and ...

Why are Krugerrands Dark? Banner
14 Mar

Why are Krugerrands Darker than other Gold Coins?

The distinctive dark appearance of Krugerrands has intrigued investors and collectors alike. Krugerrands are renowned South African gold bullion coins, first minted in 1967 as a means to market gold. ...

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