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Transcontinental Depository Services


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Metals Mint is proud to offer secure precious metals storage through TDS Vaults. TDS is a leading provider of precious metals storage and security and offers many unique advantages to their clients.

Although many of our clients prefer to hold their metal somewhere instantly accessible, investors with substantial sums of precious metals may worry about the risk and dangers of keeping so many valuables in their home.

TDS offers an excellent solution to customers who desire transparency, accessibility, insurance, and security for their precious metal’s investments.

Read on to learn more about opening an account with TDS ( for secure storage or give us a call at 855-360-4653 to speak with one of our experts regarding precious metals storage.

Securely Store Metals in 3 Simple Steps

Open an Account with TDS Vaults

The first step is to open your storage account with TDS Vaults. This step can be completed quickly and simply via phone or email. You can email [email protected] or you can download the application form Here and return it via email or fax.

Select Your Storage Location

One of the many advantages of TDS over other storage providers is that TDS is able to offer a multitude of storage locations in a variety of countries. Customers can place their metals exactly where they wish, to provide the desired regulatory environment. Locations include Las Vegas, Toronto, Zurich, and Singapore.

Buy Precious Metals from Metals Mint

Once your storage account is open and your storage location is selected, give us a call at 855-360-4653 to purchase your precious metals and coordinate delivery directly to your vault account. From there we take care of everything, and work with TDS directly to put your metals into your storage account.

TDS Storage Locations and Partners

One benefit of choosing TDS over other storage options is that TDS allows clients to choose from a wide variety of vault providers and vault locations. See the full map of available locations:

storage locations

Why Choose TDS?

TDS Vaults is a leader in the secure storage space. Their parent company, A-Mark Precious Metals, has been in business since 1965 and staffs a senior management team with over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry. This gives the company unique insight into the needs of precious metal investors. Many investors get nervous when it comes to taking delivery of and storing large amounts of gold, silver or platinum. This can often bring with it anxiety about storing and protecting the precious metals in their home. This is one of the main reasons why some choose to store their investments at a secure off-site location, such as a depository or vault. Some of the many benefits that TDS offers are listed below:

  • Fully allocated storage
  • Flexible storage locations
  • Double auditing
  • Industry leading rates
  • Detailed reporting

Fully Allocated Storage

TDS provides fully allocated storage to all accounts. This means that the exact bars, coins, or rounds you put into storage are the exact physical products you have allocated to your name and will receive if/when you withdraw. This is in contrast to some storage solutions, which co-mingle inventory and only promise you a certain number of ounces of metal (no specific physical product).

Flexible Locations

When electing to use our secure storage program, you also have the option to choose exactly which facility you would like your precious metals to be shipped to and stored at. Conveniently, TDS Vaults offers secure storage locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Available storage locations include the following:

United States

  • Las Vegas, NV


  • Toronto, ON


  • Zurich


  • Singapore

Double Insurance

Another advantage of using TDS for storage is that all of your metals will be double insured – once by the vault actually holding the metal, and also by TDS directly with a commercial “all risk” insurance policy.

Full Auditing and Reporting

Investors using TDS storage can rest assured that their metal is where it should be at all times. Clients will receive confirmation of every transaction, as well as quarterly statements of their accounts. All material is also double audited by the vaults, as well as BDO Seidman.